How Studying MBTI Benefits Me (I’m INTP!)

            I discovered MBTI aka. Myer-Briggs Type Indicator 5 years ago, when I was 17. I know the personality assesment when someone I follow in posted her result of MBTI test. Back then I was extremely close person, if not anti-social. I was in my first year of college and literally have no friend. Most of it because I’m clueless at social interaction. I don’t understand people, nor myself. The human connection was weird (and awful experience) to me. I have this sense that something was wrong so I was starting to drawn to psychology.

            Luckily I found pretty good source about MBTI (the one that leaning toward cognitive function). I’m geeking about MBTI stuff since then. And here I want to share how MBTI save my life :

            First, it helps me to understand people and be more social.

            Interacting with people used to freaked me out. I’m completely blind to social cues – something that is very obvious to other people but really hard for me to grasp nor follow. I also misread face expression a lot so I get confused a lot. My definition about ‘offensive’ also very different to other people. I used to be blunt, bitch-faced, arrogant and hard-headed. So imagine this situation when I say something so bluntly, that come off as offensive and not recognizing that people get offended. When I do know, then I get confused and refused to apologize because I don’t fully understand why I have to. See how messed up I was?

            No wonder that I only have very few friends and always hated social interaction because I was very very bad.

            Everything went on like that until I found MBTI. It’s a framework that helped me understand why people are so different. I learned that people have different preferences on making decision and all… MBTI taught us that there is two major function – one we use to make decision and the other one we use to process the stimuli from the outside world. Those two major function divided into 4 kind of functions. This function answer why people differ a lot from each other – not to mention the influence from culture background, family influence, etc.

            I know it’s weird. Why I need the framework to understand people? Isn’t it natural ability that come with every human-being?

            Second, it helps me understand myself and therefore accepting of what makes me, me.

            At my first try using the test, I got result as INTJ. The introvert and thinking side is true, tho I feel like there’s something wrong. Reading the function description, I couldn’t comprehend about the Ni a.k.a Introverted Intuition.  Meanwhile, I feel like I use Ne a.k.a Extroverted Intuition more. Then I found the test and I come out as INTP.

            Reading the description about INTP, I felt like the biggest mystery of myself was solved. I found out that actually there are other people who think and feel like me. That gives me a relief. I finally accept and learn to embrace my vice and virtue.

            Third, it leads me to amazing online forum and learning sources about self development.

            MBTI’s online forum is amazing. There are open minded people who love geeking about stuff. There’s also a lot of learning source presented by people who’s expert in the related area. Here’s my favorite source of learning MBTI/psychology :

  • Personality Hacker. Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark-Witt and the team provide endless source of MBTI and psychology in form of article, video and also podcast (which is my favorite).
  • Dario Nardi’s and John Beebe’s paperwork. People discredit MBTI because they think it is not ~scientific~ or ~pseudoscience~. Here’s the thing : it’s close-minded thinking. Cogntive fucnction that was originally found by Carl Jung has been proven by scientist to be true. It’s still kinda new in psychology, still developing and I personally hoping the development would make human’s life better.
  • Youtube channel : NT Support and C.S Joseph. NT Support was runned by four intellectual-funny-and witty guys. Their videos was unique and full of insight. So bad they don’t make any video anymore. C.S. Joseph is the ENTP guy who gives lecture about personality type. He’s the best source of MBTI so far. His talk is full of insight, I love his channel.

            Fourth, it helps me to manage conflict and navigate growth in relationship  

            This is also the biggest thing I benefit from MBTI.

            Our relationship defining the quality of our life. Very often the relationship is broken because people couldn’t understand the differences or manage the conflicts. I was experiencing awful relationship because the absence of knowledge.

I was in relationship with this guy that’s so radically different compared to me. I feel like we couldn’t understand each other fully. Always have the same argument over and over again. I keep mistyping him. I just don’t understand him. Then I found this article in Personality Hacker about how Personality Type wants to be loved/how they love. That’s when I realize I’ve been dating an ENTJ. For a long time I felt like this guy don’t love me, when actually we have different love-language. Since then I learned about his way of loving someone/how he wants to be loved. Our relationship grows since then until now.

So that’s my story on how MBTI literally change my life to the better. It’s not exaggeration if I say without MBTI I would be a heartless robot! What about you? Do you know MBTI? What’s your type and how do you think MBTI benefits you? Share in the comment section below!


living in borderline since 1997.

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